A live demo of Loci's Generative Tagging endpoint

What is the Loci Playground?

The Loci Playground offers a user-friendly interface designed for tagging 3D assets. We currently feature our models for Generative Tagging, Color Classification, and Metadata Extraction on our Playground. You can automatically add free-form tags to 3D files without needing to write code. This Playground is perfect for those wanting to quickly test Loci's Generative Tagging endpoint to generate keywords and extract data that will bolster the discoverability of their 3D assets across their digital asset libraries.

Using the Loci Playground

Simply upload your 3D file, and Loci Playground will automatically generate and assign relevant tags to your asset. This feature utilizes advanced AI algorithms to understand and categorize 3D models, making asset management more efficient and intuitive.

Supported File Formats: The Loci Playground supports a wide range of 3D file formats, including .glb, .fbx, .gltf, .obj, .usdz, .zip, .ply, .stl, and .off. This ensures compatibility with most of the commonly used 3D assets in various industries.

File Size Limitations: Users can upload files up to 50MB in size. This generous limit accommodates a broad spectrum of 3D models, from simple shapes to more complex designs. Our API endpoint is able to handle file sizes up to 1GB.

The Loci Playground is designed with simplicity in mind. Once your file is uploaded, the tagging process is automatic. It should provide you with a sense of what kinds of tags and how accurate the computer vision models are in generating tags.

Finished exploring the Loci Playground? Let's take the next Step!

If you're satisfied with the quality of our automatic tagging, let's dive deeper together! We offer three different pathways of integration into your digital asset management systems, marketplaces, or applications.

πŸ“š Read Our Documentation: Discover how to integrate Loci's powerful tagging capabilities into your own systems. Our detailed documentation provides step-by-step guidance for a seamless integration process. Documentation

🀝 Talk to Our Sales Team: Have specific needs or looking for custom services? Our sales team is ready to discuss how Loci can be tailored to fit your unique requirements. Whether it's bespoke integrations or specialized solutions, we're here to help. Contact Sales

Visit our Documentation for technical details or Contact Sales to start a conversation about custom services!

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