Returns a descriptive caption generated for a 3D scene.

Help: Generally, a scene will consist of an environment or landscape, built up of constituent objects (an object being a singular, isolated entity). Examples of scenes include a room layout, street scene or woodland.

Accepted Scene File Formats:

  • .3DS
  • .FBX
  • .GLB
  • .GLTF
  • .MAX
  • .OBJ
  • .OFF
  • .PLY
  • .STL
  • .USDZ

or a .ZIP file with exactly one scene file of one of the above formats.

Adding Textures:

Textures/Materials are important for caption accuracy, and so care must be taken to ensure that they are either:

  1. Embedded within the single scene file
  2. Referenced by relative path in the scene file. If your scene uses separate (ie. non-embedded) texture files you must first ZIP up the folder containing the scene file and textures.

Hint: As a rule of thumb, if your scene's textures correctly load in Blender, then they will correctly load in the API.

You can check whether textures have been applied properly by looking at the rendered image of your scene in the API Dashboard

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