Our Edge


Loci's proprietary machine learning models analyze your actual 3D pointclouds, not just 2D renders. The result? Industry-leading precision—our overall accuracy is 91.6%, with up to 20x fewer errors than top alternatives. Since 2022, we've indexed over 10 million 3D assets and amassed more than 1 million ground-truth annotations to train our models, which means that our AI gets more accurate every day.


In a time when data breaches or leaks are a significant concern for proprietary content, security is not an afterthought for us—it’s a priority. We keep our machine learning training work siloed, so your data isn't getting used to train models that benefit others. Loci is actively engaged in achieving our SOC2 compliance certification to ensure that we adhere to the highest standards of data security. For our customers who prioritize utmost confidentiality, we provide virtual private cloud deployment solutions. This means you can leverage our world-class models in air-gapped environments, so that your assets never leave the safety of your servers.


Loci's models are lightning-fast. 1 asset takes 20 milliseconds to tag; 100,000 assets can take less than an hour.


Converting and decimating diverse file types and sizes is often a bottleneck in 3D asset management. Loci's endpoints are engineered to transcend these limitations. We accept most standard 3D file types, taking care of any required conversions in our pre-processing steps to ensure that no asset is too large or complex to be efficiently organized.


Every creator has unique needs, and a one-size-fits-all approach often doesn't cut it for studios building specific digital worlds. Loci provides services in crafting bespoke taxonomies that align with specific categorization and sorting requirements of whatever video game, film, or digital experience teams of creators are building. We offer custom training for these taxonomies to continually enhance the accuracy and relevance of the tagging process. You can find out more about our Custom Classification service here.